A step-by-step, online training course for Christian homemakers who want to get to a place of joy & thriving, rather than just surviving.

Teaching you not only what to do, but how to carry it out so you can do the same.

The Elements of Christian Homemaking Course

Is a perfect fit if you’re…

A Struggling Homemaker

You struggle with low energy and feel like you’re constantly in catch up mode. If you get the laundry done, it rarely gets put away before it gets worn again. And on the days you do accomplish a lot, you find you didn’t spend much time with the kids.

You sometimes wonder if you’ll ever get it together. And though you’d love to be a non-stressed, joyful homemaker, you can’t see that happening anytime soon.

A Hopeful Homemaker

You’re hopeful that someday you’ll enjoy homemaking, but today… you’re miserable and have a sense of drudgery.

You resent the repetitiveness of housework and dislike much of what goes along with homemaking.  You don’t even desire to be a good homemaker, but you know you should.

An Un-Focused Homemaker

You have trouble staying focused at home. But you also know you need to work on consistency and time managment. And… with that lack of focus comes a shortage of motivation.

You’re not sure what to do or even where to start and all those schedules you’ve tried leave you feeling just as overwhelmed as before. If you could just have some direction and a plan that actually worked!

  • There truly is only one “fool-proof” way to get your day and home in order, and it’s not more systems or a better schedule.
  • How to identify where you are wasting your time, and how to finally set good priorities.
  • If writing a mission statement for your home and family hasn’t worked out for you, I’ll show you how to peacefully create long-term goals

“I’m much less overwhelmed! I am putting the laundry AWAY and having the dishes cleared like my husband likes. I’m more consistent in training the children to keep their things put away before Dada comes home too. I’m no longer looking to take a break.”


  • Learn the art of respectfully serving your husband.
  • I share homemaking Scriptures that will encourage and equip you, give you a heart for home, a love of family and a desire to honor the LORD as a homemaker.
  • Learn my recipe for taking the mundane and drudgery out of the repetitive tasks of housekeeping.
  • Learn how to properly manage your time.
  • We all place some amount of value on being unproductive, lazy or disorganized. You’ll be able to pinpoint your own areas of weakness.
  • Learn how to finally eliminate your lack of motivation.

  • Learn how to get more done each day, without frustration or overwhelm.
  • How to know what is really a distraction for you.
  • A tried and true way to “schedule” your day and get keep up with your priorities

“[What] I have learned …has allowed me to focus more fully on my children, the home, and growing more fully in other aspects of my life. I am so grateful for having made the decision to do this course. …I feel so much more confident in my ability to make and maintain a good home.”


  • An in depth tutorial on using your new planner to get you focused, productive and encouraged each day. (Optional)
  • See real-life, daily homemaking tasks to gain even more encouragement and interest in creating your own orderly home.
  • Forever put to rest the excuses about not having time for general housekeeping.

What Others Are Saying

My focus and intentions toward homemaking and being a wife and mother have changed. I now see how being diligent and purposeful in the home can minister to my family and others!  

I’m not feeling overwhelmed or too stressed now that I have order and plans for my day… Now, with the planner in hand and a new outlook, I can definitely say I’m feeling optimistic and happier.


The planner has been so helpful in my days and weeks. I have a new desire to care for my home and family. Cleaning and working on keeping clutter down is easier for me. The planner keeps me motivated to stay focused on my day in every way. I am doing so much more in my days and somehow it is all going smoothly and seems to get done, which is amazing to me. I used to think everyday chores were never ending and no one cares what I do, but I now have a fulfillment. My life is not so overwhelming anymore. The results of this course are what I’ve wanted for 5 years.


“My attitude about homemaking has changed for the better. Satan’s lies have been exposed so I am better equipped to fight them in the future. I am hopeful for continued grace and improvement in my life as a God-honoring homemaker!”


Planner Only

  • January – December 2018 Focused Day Planner
  • with Poly Cover

Course (No planner)

    • 3-4 Week course
    • Assignments designed to teach and bless!
    • Accountability and fellowship with other members learning with you
    • One-on-one mentoring

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