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Homemaking 201, the second film in the Homemaking DVD series, encourages the Christian wife to view her home and service to her family as a ministry. Teaching in such areas as home maintenance, saving money by making homemade products, ministering to family, preparing for guests, organization, chores and projects for children, yard work, learning how to adjust any apron for the perfect fit, easy recipes, and creating a homemaking binder.

As a special feature, you will also view what an unfocused day verses a focused day looks like as played out in real life, and much more!

Bonus features:

  • Unclogging drains
  • Planning for church the day before
  • Quick clean up
  • Another easy recipe
  • Starting a home business

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7 reviews for Homemaking 201 DVD

  1. Kym

    I am so glad that there are moments recorded on here that let you know that Jennifer, like many of us, is still working on herself. That she is a work in progress. It makes her very relatable and I am better able to accept her advice. I look forward to another video. (Hint! Hint!) Thanks Ross family!

  2. Rhianon

    This is such a wonderful DVD! I love how real she is and how her heart is deeply in this ministry!

  3. Christina

    This was great just a good as the first the bonus materials was made for us. I’m just starting a bus. of my own and this was great for some extra insight for my daughters to watch as well. We are a family of 9 and needed to get back on track watching as a family helps my kids and me get back to focus days. Thanks you for doing this.

  4. Amy

    I bought this for my four young girls since we have 101 also. They loved it, especially the six year old. However, I am going to go back and watch it by myself because the bits and pieces I watched with them were SO helpful for me yesterday! This time I will really pay attention. I have really been struggling with different areas of where God has placed us/me and this movie really helped me find some comfort. I think the clip about the planned day versus the unplanned day was what really clicked. It’s not often I am able to witness another mother struggle through her day like we often do (though I think Jennifer handled it far more gracefully than I do). This video will serve us well as my girls grow and it will serve me now! We highly recommend 101, too.

  5. Amanda

    We were thoroughly blessed by “Homemaking 101” and greatly anticipated the release of “Homemaking 201.” The wait was well worth it! Our family has been incredibly blessed by this film! My children, big and small, enjoy watching this. As a mom, I found this encouraging, with helpful tips, and fabulous ideas. I love how all the information is presented in such a warm manner, with digestible portions, that aren’t overwhelming. It’s inspiring as well as challenging – just what I needed! I highly recommend this series!

  6. Katie

    I am s happy with Homemaking 201… It is very informative and helpful, yet easy to watch. I appreciated the tips regarding minor house maintenance (I’ve never cleaned or unplugged a bath drain, now I feel at least confident enough to try!) as well as checking the car oil, etc. I loved the recipes. But, I think the part that spoke to me most was the clip showing your unfocused day. I have has those, unfortunately more than once. I had tears in my eyes because I was feeling convicted to work and improve in that area. My little girl is so much happier when I am focused and have goals set for the day. I’m sure that was hard for you to release that part of the video, but truly, thank you. Everything in the video is useful and inspiring. I also know how to properly put an apron on now! I’m hoping to purchase one of your beautiful aprons soon!

  7. Samantha

    I absolutely love this DVD! As a new mother and homemaker starting out this year, this is an excellent resource for women new to staying at home. I thoroughly enioyed the segments on organization and focused v. unfocused days. It really convicted me to begin viewing my role as a homemaker as an influence on the peace, order, and happiness in my home. Everything in this video is helpful and encouraging!

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