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The Homemakers Kitchen Planner is the organize your kitchen, be prepared for guests, feed your family well, reach your goals, don’t feel frustrated at 5pm because you don’t know what’s for dinner planner! Whew!

This is the download, printable version that you have immediate access to after purchasing.  Print out the pages you need as you need them, print the entire 12-month planner at once or the 6-month planner.   You will receive files for both.

The full 1-year planner is 239 pages.  The 6 month versions are for Jan-June 2018 and then July – Dec 2018.

A video tutorial will be available in the next few weeks as well so you can get the very most out of the entire planner.

The Organizational Pages will assist you as you work in your kitchen and plan your menus.

The Meal Planning Pages will encourage peace as you plan out meals for the month and week, write shopping lists and have room for notes and ingredients for each dinner each day.

The Reference Pages are for quick reference that include 2 place setting examples, a page of common substitutions, a page of measuring equivalents, and a page of cooking definitions so you can feel confident making new recipes that use terms you may not be familiar with.


4 reviews for Homemakers Kitchen Planner

  1. Shannon

    Wonderful kitchen resource! With reference pages and detailed planning, this is a wonderful tool to use for menu planning as well as diet planning and recipe organizing. Highly recommend!

  2. Christina Nicolle

    To start I have two kitchen planners this and the well planned kitchen.

    I love that this planner has place settings. It has easy print out.
    The well kitchen planners was more difficult to print and had a lot more internet based links. Where as this one is not linked as much to the Internet making it more user friendly for me.
    So with those in mind if I had to buy again this would be the one I’d choose.

  3. Jenny Wilkinson

    I love this kitchen planner! It is very user friendly and it is well thought out. I find the meal planning pages very helpful. I plan my meals one month at a time and then break the details into weekly meal plans. The mini course that comes with it is a great resource to have as well. I highly recommend this kitchen planner!

  4. Sarah Sneath

    This a fantastic kitchen planner! All of the extra pages at the beginning set this planner over the top. Having so many quick references for my pantry and freeze inventory, how to set the table, meals we like or don’t like, and emergency meals are some of my favorite. This is a great resource if you are training your children to help with meal planning, grocery shopping, managing kitchen or entertaining guests. I will be recommending this kitchen planner to my friends!

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