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You’re probably wondering how this all works and what it looks like.

These are the categories where you can learn and share your own videos.

Why video tutorials created by members?

Because you don’t have to be a “YouTuber,”

a blogger or even a professional to bless others.

If you know:

  • The best way to remove stains
  • The most efficient way to plan a week’s worth of meals
  • What essential oils do and how to use them
  • How to create a thriving vegetable garden
  • Frugal homemaking tips
  • Tasty slow cooker recipes
  • or anything else that would bless another homemaker…

We want you to be part of this community.

A community of Christian women who love the LORD and are devoted to their families.


A community where helpful video tutorials and articles are created and shared by real life Titus 2 women, and women with a heart for homemaking.

Women who are thriving and women who may still struggle in one area,

but have expertise in another.

Or in other words…

Women just like YOU.

Reject YouTube’s offensive ads and video suggestions.

When you need to learn how to make bread,  or sew a dress for your daughter,

visit Homemakers Academy,

where the videos were made with you in mind, out of love and for mutual edification.

Join Homemakers Academy Video Community as a charter member for $6 per month.

This subscription allows you access to the member supported video library and grants (encourages) you the ability to share your own videos!

Since this is an introductory/beta testing price, please remember that the video library will be small when you join.

Joining at this time and price level is recommended for those who will share their homemaking knowledge by sharing their own videos.

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