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      Another thought provoking assignment to further bring your heart and mind home

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      Well I think this was the hardest lesson for me. I originally though house wives or homemakers where to keep home clean, work out to look nice for husband and invite people over to give your husband (and yourself if you cook good) a good name. Well after being married now for 16 year and 7 kids here with us. I have lost all sight to what I’m really doing this for. God! I should be doing all this for God. Now that I though about it. That changes everything. I mean my reason no longer is outrageous ideals that I can never get to. Thanks Jennifer for making me think and pray about it.

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      I went through high school and early adulthood with the dream that someday I would be a wife and mom (homemaker). I had NO CLUE what that was to look like or mean. This has really given me the guidance to figure out what it is supposed to look like not just for me but for my family and what God has in mind for us. It is so different from what I grew up with that’s it’s hard sometimes to not listen to the “outside” voices and stick to what my and my family’s calling is.

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      This was an interesting question for me to ponder, as I would have replied previously “to stay at home with my children”. I guess ultimately I am a homemaker because that is what I believe the Lord would have me do. It is my primary role in life (after wife & mum) & it should be a priority. I am taking this course so I can hopefully continue to refine my skills in this important role!

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