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      Thank you for mailing this with the planner! Have you personally used this plan? I am wondering if they give a suggestion for how many chapters a day to read or just which books to read per month. I’d like to try it, since I have not followed a plan successfully before.

      I love the planner by the way, it’s gorgeous and looks like a great tool! Cant wait for that next week. 🙂

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      I haven’t used it. My mom suggested it when I was getting everything ready to ship, so she printed those out for each of you 🙂 I am reading through the New Testament right now, but I have given my older children this reading plan. If you read 2-3 chapters a day you will be through Genesis and Exodus in January.

      And thank you, I pray it is a useful tool for you!

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      I received my planner today and it is beautiful! Will you be selling it in the future?
      I also will be using the Legacy plan that you enclosed and started this evening!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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