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      If you feel like (or know) you spend too much time online, whether it’s FB, Pinterest, blogs, research or anything… and you’re ready to let it go and trade that time in for something that will be more of a blessing for your family and honor to the LORD, post about it here.  Give yourself a daily/weekly time limit and a time frame.

      For example: I (Jennifer) will only spend up to 60 minutes online each day in communication (answering emails, FB comments, forum posts, etc) for the month of January.

      Typically this is done in about 20 minutes 3 times a day.

      Who’s next?

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      Ashley Forrester

      This sounds like SUCH a great idea! I think 20 minutes 3 times a day would work great for me, I may even do just 15, I think for me I will set specific tasks that have to be done before I can get online.

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      What a great idea. My problem is that I use my phone for everything (unless I need to print something), so I’m picking it up many times a day. Most often those times are really quick. For instance I hear a FB notification and read it then get right off, or I glance at Pinterest for 5 mins, etc. So my challenge might be to combine those into a larger time frame less often. I am going to give it some thought and come back.

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      Tiffany Rogers

      I think it’s a fantastic idea! I’ve been considering it also! I know the online world takes up so much of my time! I only have access through my phone and its glued to my hand. I’d like to do the hour only during the day between 830-230. Then once I’ve picked my son up from school and back home I want to stay off from 4-9 and be in bed myself by 11. I know that will help me be more productive the next day also!

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      Oh this is a Fantastic idea!!!!! I will take part on this challenge but this will be an hard challenge for me. I will see this has my detox for the month.

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      I will join,, going to watch a video and relax and get my little one comforted then think during that. I’m thinking 20 mins 3x a day as well. With maybe 1 extra session as a bonus if everything is completed….. this wil lbe hard. our computer is our tv so its to easy to get on and take time. Maybe that’s a good thing, time to get it under control. Ok, after this afternoon nap, I will allow myself 1 20 min session this evening after everything is don and kids are down then 1 hour a day after that. Sunday may be the one day that is more becuase it is our rest and relax, kids nap, DH and I enjoy a game together so that may be my one exception BUT I will still try to set a limit for that.

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      I will join in this challenge also (I really need it!). I will allow myself 60 min Online daily. 30 min in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Also limiting myself to one Periscope broadcast a day…

      I also am going to cut down my blog subscriptions and only keep those that I think that I actually apply what they are saying.

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      Okay, I’m committing to my phone being away from me from 4-9 every night. In order to do that, I will also commit to putting it on vibrate and in another room, I get way too distracted if I hear pings,beeps and whistles!

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        Oh, that’s a great one!!

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      wow! great idea! I think 20 minutes a day 3x a week works for me for internet too. and after I put my daughter to bed to stay off my phone so I can get things done before I go to bed at 11. Doing this for the month of January.

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      I will definitely be doing this challenge and can hopefully make it a habbit always. I do spend far too much time on my computer per day it takes away so much of my time that is precious and should be spend doing much more important things. I can certainly tell the difference between a day that I spent time on the computer vs a day that I had it put away, looking forward to starting this challenge!

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      I’m going to try putting my phone in the other room from 4-8:30 each evening, and limiting my computer/phone time to 30 minutes in the morning, and 30 minutes in the afternoon during nap time.

      I’m going to commit to doing these things for one week, and then re-evaluating next Wednesday!

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      I started this in mid December and it has been WONDERFUL! The only reason I hadn’t deleted Facebook on my phone was because I belong to a couple private Facebook groups that I need to keep updated on. Problem solved- someone created an app called ‘Groups’ that you label your favorites and frequency of notification and it files them in this app so you can still read the pertinent stuff but not get sucked in to everything else being posted on Facebook. I’ve also committed to leaving my phone in another room or at least not very accessible when my son is awake.

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      I am limiting my time on social media as well. Really the only person who texts me is my husband lol- for that I am grateful. Jennifer you have inspired me with your 60 min.!

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      I am going to be taking a mandated internet sabbatical. 🙂 We are cutting off our internet, probably in the next week or 2, so we can put the money that normally goes for internet into some other bills. In a way I am looking forward to it, but yet I am scared to death. WHAT am I going to do with my “free” time, WHAT am I going to do when I am depressed, overwhelmed. I am realizing how much I use the internet for. It is my salve. i really want to get to know Jesus in a deeper way during the sabbatical. I don’t know how long it will last. Hopefully not too long, but it is needful right now. I will be able to go to town every now and then to do needful internet communications and my husband will bring emails home from work.

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        I will pray for you that this time will be a blessing to you and your family.

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      I love the idea of this. I know I spend too much time on social media. I will spend only enough time to post photos of my children for family since we dont live near them. The most 60 minutes a day.

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      I will Go for 30 mins two times a day. I FB for business and we have three so email and that plus homemaking skills and charm course with kids this summers has been online for us. So 30mins twice a day to start and hope to get down to 20 next.:)

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