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      Hello, My name is Kasi. I have been married to my husband for only a little over a year. We don’t have any kids yet but hopefully will in the next few years. As of now, I work FT outside of the home. I’m not sure where the future will lead but this is the best for us right now because my husband recently quit his FT job to open his own lawncare/firewood business. I know I am young and do not necessarily have a lot on my plate but I often feel overwhelmed. I have always been taught that work is my most important focus. I put a lot of time and energy into my career. It has paid off but I really long to shift a lot of that focus back to my home and marriage and I want to do that early on so we dont suffer from it later. I honestly do not enjoy cleaning or “homemaking” all that much. But, I know it is God’s will for my life and I want to honor him and my husband and I honestly want to succeed in this area. I hope this course will help me do that. I would love to interact with each and everyone of you and am so looking forward to digging in!

      P.S. check out my blog at http://www.favourofthelord.com (I just started it up and would love to have some visitors and suggestions!!!


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      Welcome Kasi!
      I pray the LORD would give you a heart for homemaking 🙂
      It is a precious blessing and you are wise to be obedient to Him

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