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      We can discuss today’s session here…

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      Stephanie Cronk

      Wow! That was eye opening. There are so many things I say I don’t have time for but now I know I can manage my time wisely. I had papers all over my counter and dining table yesterday and every time I would look at it, I would feel stress. So I said to myself, just go through one pile. Once I got started I was able to put away all the papers and books from my counter and table. And it only took me about 10 min.
      Thank you for this course. It was much more than what I had expected. It really convicted me of my laziness, idleness and excuses. You have given me the tools to be diligent at being a home keeper. I am sad that it is over but glad I can continue to go through the course again.

      Thank you,

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      I’m sad it’s over too!! I am planning to do parts of it over again. I really liked the eye-opener this video is… I always feel like it’s going to take me half an hour to do most of those chores.

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      Honestly, I was surprised by how little time most chores actually took. Especially putting away laundry. It always feels like 20 minutes! 🙂

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      This was a wonderful video, thank you! It was an eye opener for me as well and it really helps to know the fact that something doesn’t take so long. Knowing that helps me to get to it instead of incorrectly assuming something is a big task. I have found that I picture many things as big tasks and I shy away from doing them. Slowly over time I’ve come to see that all the big tasks really aren’t so big and if I just choose one thing and do it or set the timer for 15 minutes I can actually get a lot done. Another thing for me I’ve found is that I am pretty slow at a lot of tasks because I am so detail oriented and have.to.get.every.crumb! I am praying that I will somehow get quicker at certain tasks that I can take so long to accomplish. Like sweeping or dishes. I think I think too much as well and that contributes to taking so long to wash one pot to make sure it is perfectly clean. If you have any tips on how I could still do a great job but not be so slow and perfectionistic with each task that would be helpful. Has anyone else ever had this problem?

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      Great video again :). This morning after having my boys’ room in order, going in and doing a quick pickup of clothes and making the little boys bed and putting a load of their laundry away, took me less than 5 minutes. Amazing how quick it goes. I unloaded/reloaded and made breakfast in probably half an hour and then cleaned everything up because it was ready to go. I’m scared to time myself on cleaning the laundry room, its pretty bad but I’m also curious now how long it would take if i just got into it and did it. May make cleaning it later go faster because I know bad it took x amount of time, cleaner should take much less! Something I have learned, if you clean up from supper immediately, it takes much less time than if you let everything sit, get hard, get stuck to the table, etc. Much faster to do it right away.

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      I am often amazed by how much I can get done in short amount of time. I also think it is taking longer than it actually does. I have many times been done mopping, sweeping, doing dishes, wiping tables and chairs, gotten a load of laundry going, beds made and looked at the clock only to see it was 9 AM!! Then I think of all the other things I can do like homeschooling 🙂

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