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      Greetings ladies! Let’s introduce ourselves, anything you’d like to share…
      So, I’m Jennifer, married for a couple of decades now 🙂 mother to our 11 children (2 are grown and moved out), mother in law to a wonderful young man, full time homemaker for 20+ years, and we homeschool. We created the Homemaking 101 and 201 DVDs. And I’m am so so excited to start the course with each of you, and so thankful for your heart’s for home! <3

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      Alison Jennison-Smith Hi I am Alison, married 26 years, mother to three children, aged 25,23, and 21. I have five grandchildren too aged 5,4,2, nearly one and 9 months. I homeschooled all three of my children. I didn’t learn many homemaking skills at all growing up. I wasn’t planning on having children. smile emoticon, then met my husband. I do work part time in a nursing home looking after the elderly. I also teach piano part time. But my heart is in the home. I need to get some sort of schedule and organisation as my house is always a mess. We couldn’t have anyone over as it is so bad. We are waiting to get an extension, this will help as the house is very small. We only have our youngest son at home now. I have terrible time management and must admit I am a little lazy. I love baking, cooking, crafts, knitting anything to do with the home. I am really looking forward to starting the course. Hopefully Jenny Nicholas and I are going to help each other. smile emoticon

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      Hello everyone! I’m Corry. Married 10 years with 5 children ages 7,6,4,2,& 5 mo. We homeschool. My husband is a stay at home dad and I am the breadwinner in our family. I work as an RN in perianesthesia. However, I have a huge heart for homemaking! I am excited to meet you all and learn more in this course ?

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      Hi! I’m Chasta. I have been married 13 years. My husband, Matt, and I have 6 children (12yo girl, 11yo identical twin boys, 8yo girl, 5yo boy, 15mo boy). We homeschool. My husband is a firefighter who works 24 hr shifts which has made it very difficult to come up with a good routine. I was so excited to be a homemaker when I got married, only to find out that I’m not good at it! Managing the home and the children has been a big struggle for me. It is quite frustrating to do a job 24/7 that you are not good at. ? I have hope though! ?

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      Hey y’all! I’m Jessica. I’ve been married for 8 years. We have two boys that I homeschool, who are 5 & 6. I always knew I wanted to be a mom and wife, but thought I needed a career too. I made the decision to stay home with the boys until they started school last year. After a crazy year last year trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up (at 26)… My husband and I decided I should homeschool. I had always wanted to, but it just wasn’t something you do in my family. After lots of prayer we made the jump and now I’m a full time homemaker again. I’ve struggled with that being enough, but after watching Homemaking 101&201 I know this is where I’m supposed to be. Sometimes things run smoothly and sometimes it’s a struggle to balance it all. I’m hoping this course will help me find the balance I need! I can’t wait to get started!!

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      Hello, ladies! I’m 48 and having been married for 25 years (almost 26), you’d think I’d love what I do, but sometimes it’s a struggle.
      I have 4 children (all still at home): 2 sons who are graduated and pursuing distance learning, and 2 daughters still being homeschooled.
      I loved Homemaking 101 and 201 because they are so inspiring to me. I can do things, and know how to do things, but I desire to love my homemaking more. Sometimes because I don’t have the desire I want for it, things get left undone. I want to love what I do! I know it’s God’s desire as well.
      Looking forward to going through this and encouraging one another! Cannot WAIT to get that planner! I had been going back and forth wondering what to get this year, and you made my mind up for me when you included it in this course!!

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      Melissa Horton

      Hi all! I am in Birmingham, Alabama, and married almost 16 years to my high school sweetheart. We have three children, ages 9, 7.5, and 5.5 years old. I have adoption on my heart after being a Titus 2 young woman. I homeschool and also am a blogger (in what little free time I find). 🙂

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      Hello ladies! My name is Beth Wilson, and I have been married for 14 years. We have seven children; but lost our firstborn in 2008, when he was five. Ever since I was a teeny little girl, I’ve dreamed of being a wife and mommy and now I’m in the middle of living my dream! But, I would like to do a little better job at my job. I love learning from others and Jennifer Ross is just about the sweetest, prettiest, and most humble lady I could ever hope to run across. I feel inspired just by listening to her! Thank you, Jennifer, for reaching out with your God-given talents to encourage and build up others.

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      Hello! I’m Kelly. I have been married for 30 years and have two sons. I have been homeschooling for 20 years, my youngest will graduate this coming Spring. As a girl raised in a world of feminism, I am still attempting to learn domestic skills I was never taught. I have followed Jennifer’s blog for sometime and have her Homemaking DVD’s. I am really looking forward to this course! (To learn a little more about me and my family, you can visit my blog at floridasoutherngirl.blogspot.com)

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      Hi, I’m Amanda. I have been married for 7 years and we have 3 children, ages 6, 5, and 2 months. I am both excited and nervous about beginning our homeschooling journey next month! I’ve read several books about simplifying life over the years and they always get me excited about getting my home and life under control. When I actually decide to get started, however, I look around me and invariably feel overwhelmed again and flounder. I am hoping that learning the basics through this course and having the extra accountability and encouragement will help me get over the obstacles that have hindered me thus far.

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