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      Hello! I’m Katie and I live with my husband and our 5-year-old daughter in South Dakota. My husband farms/ranches and I stay home with our daughter (we only have one by God’s design, but pray that we may have another someday). After we were told I’d most likely not be able to get pregnant or carry a child to term, we prayed and God blessed us with her. She was born early, but is fine and healthy now and we are grateful! I enjoy homemaking. I enjoy cleaning (most days!), cooking, and I’m started to really love hospitality. What I mostly struggle with is perfectionism and sometimes a lack of motivation, especially when I think I can’t do a certain task just right. I’m getting better at this, but it’s still a struggle. If I feel I can’t do it perfectly, I put it off and then that area gets unorganized. My house is tidy, yet there are certain areas that need to be decluttered and organized. I am so excited to be a part of this group! It’s motivating already just to know we are in this together and that it’s for God’s glory 🙂 Which is another thing I need to remember- putting the Lord first!

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