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      G’day, it is lovely to meet everyone here! I am Renata. I have been married for 16 years to my wonderful husband & we have four precious children Zai (13), Ellie (11), Eli & Jud (identical twins, 9) whom we homeschool. We live on a farm in south western NSW and raise sheep, pigs, cows & chickens. I also love to garden & cook. We would love to have had more bio children, but in the meantime we have become foster parents & have been blessed to welcome a dozen different children into our homes over the past 12 months since we became accredited (some for just one night, others up to 3 months). We are hoping & praying for a permanent (forever) placement and would love to adopt if possible.
      I was never trained in homemaking & so I feel that I struggle in this area. While my house is not cluttered, I would love to keep it cleaner. I’m endlessly trying to balance a million things & know that something always has to give – usually it’s the house, but I don’t want to continue this way as having a clean home is important. I also struggle with perfectionism (sigh), which doesn’t help at all. I am so excited to be doing this course & already have some things to think about (thanks Jennifer)!
      I blog at: http://www.sunnysidefun.blogspot.com if you want to know more about our family 🙂

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