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      I’m so glad this section is in the planner. Now, what are you guys writing down on this? We love to have people over for dinner, but I am always “reinventing the wheel” trying to figure out what to serve guests! What are your classic, go-to meals for having people over?

      The first one that popped into my head is bbq pork, especially in summertime. It’s easy, always delicious, and almost everyone likes it. 🙂

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      Amy, I was going to say the same thing! 🙂 I usually start with a pork loin in the crockpot then add some variation of sauce to it. Fruit, salad and bread plus some simple dessert (in the summer we do s’mores around the campfire in our backyard) finishes off the meal. I’ll have to post some of my sauce recipes. They’re super easy and everyone loves them! Would love to get some other ideas too!

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      Our classic go to meals for company is French Toast & bacon or French Toast & Little Smokies. Another is Sausage Tomato Soup served with bread sticks and/or salad. These are both easy and affordable, especially if hosting a large family.

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      Whenever we have company over, I always like to serve a homemade meal with homemade bread, put on a nice ironed table cloth on the tables, serve iced tead on a dispenser with cut up lemons, matching plates, cloth napkins, flowers and oil lamps, etc. I try to make it extra special. After my twins were born I have not been able to do all that and, I cannot come up with anything easy and simple but good. I like the suggestions thus far. I’ll have to keep reading here for more!

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      It really depends on our guests, but some of our favorites to serve to Midwest friends are:

      Chicken Spaghetti

      The majority of our guests are large families 🙂

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      Great ideas, everyone, thank you for sharing.

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      I love doing a roast in the crockpot or oven with potatoes, last time I did potato casserole, I usually do mashed buy Kevin likes the casserole and I hadn’t made it in awhlie so I did that with green beans and bacon I think. I add carrots and onions and it makes a good meal. Bread if I have it made, this time I made my bread into little rolls with my muffin pan, made them into 3 little balls then put the 3 into one place in the tin and baked, I baked a little long but they were still good. next time they only need 15-20 mins i think before i check, not 30 🙂

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      A BBQ – usually lamb chops or steak & some sausages. I make salads to go with it ahead of time. Sometimes I do a roast in the slow cooker. If it’s children, they always love spaghetti bolognaise.

      I am never brave enough to try something new for guests, but I really should broaden my menu a bit. We have some friends over very often & they are probably sick of the same thing here 🙂

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