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This was a wonderful video, thank you! It was an eye opener for me as well and it really helps to know the fact that something doesn’t take so long. Knowing that helps me to get to it instead of incorrectly assuming something is a big task. I have found that I picture many things as big tasks and I shy away from doing them. Slowly over time I’ve come to see that all the big tasks really aren’t so big and if I just choose one thing and do it or set the timer for 15 minutes I can actually get a lot done. Another thing for me I’ve found is that I am pretty slow at a lot of tasks because I am so detail oriented and have.to.get.every.crumb! I am praying that I will somehow get quicker at certain tasks that I can take so long to accomplish. Like sweeping or dishes. I think I think too much as well and that contributes to taking so long to wash one pot to make sure it is perfectly clean. If you have any tips on how I could still do a great job but not be so slow and perfectionistic with each task that would be helpful. Has anyone else ever had this problem?