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Congratulations Nogmamme!! I adore big families & think you are abundantly blessed to be able to have eight. We would have loved more ( & still would), but the Lord has not allowed us this blessing yet.

As for feeling alone – I think that is the hardest part of this life. While I am actually surrounded by women who do choose to stay at home (this is a farming community), we are the only people around who homeschool all our children (one lady does one of hers) & no one understands that choice we have made. I feel lonely often & very misunderstood. I tend to stay quiet & get people to talk about themselves because I would never want to share this with the people around. I was blaming the loneliness on the isolation, but I wonder if it’s more because we are choosing something different from the ‘norm’?

Thank you all for sharing your stories. I feel a little less alone 🙂
Renata 🙂