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I have been struggling with my homemaking and signed up for this course to get me on the right track. I did well with my homemaking until the last several years after I had my third baby , we now have four children and my home is always a mess and I am also behind in everything. I am thankful for this course and forum. My eyes have been opened to the fact that I really just need to simplify and totally cut out the distractions, even if they seem worthwhile to me. Every day I have been having to go over where I have wasted time and to think of what to cut out. I am realizing that my children need to be my main focus (as well as my husband and God) and that everything else that I enjoy but are distracting has to wait until a different season in my life or if I happen to have leftover time.
One hard thing for me is that we have family who are able to keep up on their homemaking and yet seem to be able to do a ton of things, but I am realizing now that I cannot do this.