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Hi I live in the UK and homemakers are frowned upon. I home educator and homemaker. Our pastor actually visited us and advised me to send my children to school so I could go out to work. I never sent them. So they reported us to the education authority who were thrilled with what we were doing. We don’t go to that church anymore. I have struggled with homemaking and still do. I am in the smallest house I have ever lived in but the good news is we are able to extend this year so hopefully will have extra space. I am always behind and if I do tidy an area I feel no one notices. I would have loved more children but I nearly died after Joel who is now 21 so I was advised not to, so only got three. But am blessed to have them and now have 5 grandchildren. I feel useless sometimes as I wish I had access to a course or something like this year’s ago when my children were small. I sometimes feel I wasn’t very good at homemaking and this maybe affected my husband. He is very patient and just used to help me catch up if I got in a mess or behind. I often feel alone and a total failure too. I don’t know anyone who values homemaking.