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Hang in there Nogmamme! We only have 3 but can so relate. If we got pregnant again, we would be fussed at up one ear and down the other. I was told “this better be the last” after my 2nd and 3rd were born. We live far away though, which helps. It hurts when people treat you that way, especially family, but they just don’t know any better is all I can figure. They are the ones who are kind of sad, not knowing that each human being is a joy and no surprise to the God that made him/her. Let me say, I am so happy for you my dear! Congratulations on another sweet, precious love! Try to take it easy, and don’t fret. I say that as someone who struggles and fails regularly at not fretting. How many times though does God tell us in His word, to “fear not”? Lots! So many women and men are coming out of being raised by a generation or two that did not prepare us for family life the way it ought to be. But we are starting to wake up now, across the world! We have a learning curve as homemakers, wives, husbands, etc.! Take heart! You are not alone, and you have a good desire! And that is to get this right! Now for some grace, dear one! Grace for yourself. God has already given it to us, but we have to stop being so hard on ourselves and accept it. You are working on things! This is wonderful! Keep going! Stay in the Word, and pray, pray, pray! We are cheering for you! Feel free to email me if you just need someone to talk to! Emmysimpson@aol.com. (Anyone is welcome do to the same!) We are in the Atlanta, GA area.
Praying for you guys!