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I would say Stephanie, that I would agree that it has been a lonely journey. In our culture, women are looked down on for wanting to stay home, and if you decide to educate your own children, well then you are mocked and looked down on even more by so many, including family. I have been alone most of my adult life, despite being married and having worked outside the home before having kids. But God led us to a wonderful church where I have a dear friend who has kids in similar age to mine, homeschools, and is a serious Titus 2 woman! She is 7 years younger than me!!! I have other mom friends at church, but they think it is crazy to have so many kids (we have 3, lol!) and want to stay home to teach them. It’s just our culture. I was raised with that same mindset. It doesn’t hurt my feelings, but it does make me feel lonely. And what is worse, I have noticed how far my resolve has fallen since my first was born 6 years ago. My resolve has been very slowly eroded away, and I am now struggling to regain the passion I had about it before. My mind and body are so tired, and still find myself lonely. I think we were made to be social creatures, and society today is often so isolating! Especially for those not living near family. Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you that although it can seem like we are alone in this desire to be good homemakers and moms and wives, don’t be dismayed. Our enemy wants us to feel that way. But we are not alone, we just need to keep looking for others, and take advantage of our sisters online as well. In the mean time, you never know who is watching you silently, and taking it all in, and learning from you. A young mom, or an older woman even, and watching your life play out, and deciding that they want the same for themselves. Hang in there! What your enemy doesn’t want you to know is, there ARE many women just like you, who desire to do right, all over the world.