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Stephanie Cronk

Thank you Renata, Emmy and Cath,

You have helped me to put it all in perspective. I am feeling much better but at that moment it did feel as if the world was coming down around me. Thank you for sharing with me that it is not perfect in your home. I find when I speak to my friends they don’t seem to value homemaking in the way that I do. It is something they have to do and can’t wait for it to be over or they are naturally organized and have everything together. I don’t know if you all feel lonely in this quest to keep your home, but I do and have been searching for a Titus 2 woman to come along beside me. Thank you again for the encouraging words and being my Titus 2 women to help me. What a blessing this course is! I never thought that one of the best parts would be the support and fellowship!

Love In Christ,