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We are not all organised and naturally systematic. I’m not… I have to work very hard to remember stuff and in certain stressful seasons I was incredibly unreliable! One thing iI have learned is that I need to focus on what I bring to the table. My hubby didn’t marry a super organised high achiever who would be naturally good at housekeeping.. He married me, a random spontaneous people focused individual. After more than ten years of despair and a major failure complex when it comes to homemaking I am finally getting it. I don’t have to be perfect. And neither do you. Our hubbies are not perfect individuals and neither are we. But we are created in the image of God and he has blessed you with the exact combinations of personality and gifting that your family needs… Anything else…. Well it’s God who is our gap filler. My prayer for you is that you would see your value. Your heart is in the right place… You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t trying to serve your family. He may not be able to trust you with the porch light and that is ok…its just a porch light and he is trusting you with so much more that doesn’t get acknowledged. My hubby can’t trust me to keep the kitchen rubbish bin area.tidy. I now empty that bin as it was just too stressful for him. We laugh about it now but we have figured out how to make it less of an issue. And I am trying. It’s just one thing I find hard to remember. When we had three babies three and under we were lucky to survive. I struggled with so much. But in the end I kept giving my all.
You are not a machine, you are a beautiful, caring, God-fearing mother who is giving so much for her family. God looks on you with love, Grace and absolutely no condemnation. It is Satan who is an accuser. Don’t Listen to him. With love. Cath