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Hi Jennifer, I have a few clarification questions. I am still figuring out what exactly needs to fill my days and your Focus List has broadened my scope for what a day can hold and given me new ideas for how to spend my time intentionally.
1. Is your “Train/Discipline Children” time when you stop to instruct and speak with them if they are needing correction and is this something you are doing throughout the day and you estimated it amounts to about an hour of your day?
2. For “Bible with Children” do you do Bible reading and lessons for an hour each day all at one time or does it looks differently than that? My children are 4 and 2 and one on the way and I am desiring to create intentional, set aside time to be in the Word with them each day.
3. “Time with Husband”, is this your intentional time together in the evenings, kid-free?
4. What does “Time with girls” entail?
I am honestly wishing I could be a fly on the wall for a day of some older, wiser homemakers to help give me a better picture of how my days could look/give me fresh ideas. I am a first generation believer, homemaker and farmer’s wife and I am still finding my footing in a lot of ways.