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Beta testers… and Jennifer 🙂
In real time, do you actually sit down to do allotted tasks for the allotted amount of time? So many of my things overlap – like I may only spend 5 minutes right now to switch over laundry (and when it’s done in 45 minutes, I’ll probably forget for 2 hours to go switch it again)… and after switching laundry I may start lunch prep, but have to pause that to tend to an argument or help a child understand a math problem (or most of the time, both)… Or during my get-ready time in the morning, or time that I’m tidying up the bedroom, or while I’m reading my devotion – I may have to tend to preschooler tantrum or kids being off-task… I’m trying to reconcile the need-tos / must-dos on paper with the “tyranny of the urgent” that actually happens all day long… maybe I need to train my children better?? 🙂