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Ok, so I think i understand, please clarify if i’m wrong. Here is my “example” that is in my head. My time inventory was no where near what should be for my day so I’m going with if my day is how it should or at least is better than was.

Do & Need to do-
Dishes-1 hr
Laundry-1 hr
Prepare meals-2 hr
Eat-2 hr
Sleep-7 hr
Daily Cleaning-2 hr

Should be donig
Homeschool-1 hr
Child Training-1 hr
Excercise-15 min

Want to do-
Sewing-30 min
Reading-30 min

I’m sure it will have more than that but that totals to 18 hr and 15 min. Then I know that daily I need to spend that muc htime on the top list at minimum, “should be doing” list is second and want to do is last if time allots. Is that right???? Or am I completely lost…. 🙂