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One thing for toys, like GC said she uses bins. What I did was buy the plastic shoe boxes from walmart, they are about $1 each and I sorted by types of toys into each one. One was blocks, one was a block train, one cars, one barbie, random girl toys, trains etc. I did that and if the toys didn’t go into that category or warrant its own, I put them in a big tub and took them down to where we have some things stored, I need to just get rid of it because they haven’t asked for it and nothing is missed. On the child training, I’m still learning too! I have a 5,4,2, and 3 month old so I’m right in the middle, we are starting schoool and they enjoy it but we only do an hour or so a day and then we move on. Right now we are still “on break” so I’m not rushing to much into it. They are enjoying playing but not having a scheduled day isn’t helping anyone especially me so next week we are going to jump back into the schedule and hopefully the week after school, if not i’m not going to stress it.