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I have a really hard time prioritizing and actually following through on it.
I feel like I know what needs to be done but when my day begins I tend to be lazy or fall back into a bad routine, or am so easily distracted I really have a difficult time with enjoying blogs and Periscope and think that I learn from them, but my life is so overwhelmed that I do not put anything that I learn into practice. I find so many wonderful resources through blogs and Periscope that I do not want to cut back on this but I also do not want to be a mommy who is always on social media. I know that I probably should cut these out but I am not brave enough to, it is like I will miss out on some wonderful resource, however I feel such guilt from not being the kind of mom and homemaker that I want to be. Any truthful advice would be much appreciated, perhaps even encouragement with what to do in regards to blogs, social media, and texting. I am truthfully embarrassed to admit this but this is why I am taking this course to become a more focused homemaker.