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Hi Emmy, have you tried Trim Healthy Mama eating plan? Its a lifestyle of eating that is healthy and energising and helps you lose weight without being hungry. I am a homeschooling mum too, also an ex teacher and I just wanted to encourage you to relax. You sound overwhelmed and my heart goes out to you. If your oldest has just turned 6, just relax. Reading books and talking together with perhaps a bit of maths games and letter formation is all you need right now. Your 3 and 4 year old do not need to be learning right now. When they are ready, they will learn quickly. If you focus on getting a basic routine going with a few requirements from the children, and build on that, then homeschooling will fit into your life. One of the things we have in our family is… A must be done before B. eg, there is no breakfast if they are not dressed with clothes away. No morning tea if their morning toys are messy etc. And so on. What exactly are you struggling with in regards to child training? I had a 3 and 4 year old when I was teaching my 6 year old, and we did short bursts when the others were busy, resting, or watching a dvd. As they all got older, I was able to implement more schooling routines but we did lots of reading books while they were eating snacks/lunches etc as formal lessons were hard back then. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, and there is hope. Little changes can make a big difference.