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When should I start this time-keeping thing? I don’t remember much of yesterday, except I spent 1 to 2 hrs reading the Bible, split between morning and evening (way more than usual) and ‘wasted’ a lot of time going backwards and forwards between school for a sick child.

Today I was asleep till 11am (became ill at 1 am and just got worse), then spent 45 mins trying and failing to get hot water, then had to boil kettles and wash in th kitchen, and spent the afternoon at school in a meeting, then try to find the strength to warm soup for dinner, and just hang in there till my husband comes home at gone 8pm. So not exactly a typical day.

You said we will use the info later on, so I’m wondering how much things like being sick, or having sick kids meaning you can’t go out and do the jobs you were meant to do, would skew things for that future exercise?

I am often sick, often for a week at a time of being out of action. My 14yo has complex health needs and has been ill since Sept on top, with no diagnosis (or treatment) yet, so in a way this kind of thing happens regularly. We don’t have a typical day, it seems, or at least we have not since we finished homeschool and the last one started school in Sept. I keep thinking I find a groove, but then we get landed with masses of meetings, or hospal admissions, or illness, or hospital appointments, or charity work becoming 5x the job it was meant to be.

Do you just want me to do today, tomorrow and the day after even if they include half/whole day in bed, for example, or should I wait till I have a semblance of day which is not dysfunctional?

Sorry, don’t mean to be awkward. Just really like what time I can carve out to be spent efficiently 🙂