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Jessica – I love the idea of learning how to let it go a little – let it be good enough.

When I went through this on the beta, I was settling in with a five month old (after a pregnancy filled with bed rest), homeschooling four (middle school to kindergarten), husband whose disability was the worst we’d seen in years (back/hip injury) and then the doctors said I had an issue. I had to “distress” and stop doing so much. ? I laughed and said how? But, after much discussion, my husband and I figured out our priorities were keeping people healthy (so house needed to be clean/germs needed to be handled), baby needed to be taken care of, and we needed to keep sane. We immediately cut to only schooling three days a week – but those three days we did it all. I hired someone to help deep clean the house once. And we kept stuff up after that. And we are still only schooling four days a week. And casseroles get to soak 🙂 and we take a night or two to play games as a family 🙂 and baby interrupts a lot – but that’s what babies and toddlers do 🙂

I guess my long-winded point ?is that it is prioritizing. But sometimes, like Jessica said, it’s also changing our expectations. And, homeschool mamas, that can include school too 🙂