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With the addition of our three younger children within 1 year (today they are 19 mo twins and 7mo) I have found it hard to prioritize. They need my attention almost all of the time, and I still have my other three children who need homeschooled and instructed as well. I never had a problem with this before, but now I have a hard time finding the balance between housecleaning, homeschooling, and simply caring for their needs and being with them. It’s not like the babies can help me clean yet! So something always has to be let go of, it just depends on the day for what that will be.
So that’s where I’m losing it. I feel tired trying to take care of it all, although there are times when the days go smoother. I can’t make all my days the same, though. It’s more like “let’s see what this day brings!”. How did you prioritize when your children were mostly all little?