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Hello, ladies! I’m 48 and having been married for 25 years (almost 26), you’d think I’d love what I do, but sometimes it’s a struggle.
I have 4 children (all still at home): 2 sons who are graduated and pursuing distance learning, and 2 daughters still being homeschooled.
I loved Homemaking 101 and 201 because they are so inspiring to me. I can do things, and know how to do things, but I desire to love my homemaking more. Sometimes because I don’t have the desire I want for it, things get left undone. I want to love what I do! I know it’s God’s desire as well.
Looking forward to going through this and encouraging one another! Cannot WAIT to get that planner! I had been going back and forth wondering what to get this year, and you made my mind up for me when you included it in this course!!