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Alison Jennison-Smith Hi I am Alison, married 26 years, mother to three children, aged 25,23, and 21. I have five grandchildren too aged 5,4,2, nearly one and 9 months. I homeschooled all three of my children. I didn’t learn many homemaking skills at all growing up. I wasn’t planning on having children. smile emoticon, then met my husband. I do work part time in a nursing home looking after the elderly. I also teach piano part time. But my heart is in the home. I need to get some sort of schedule and organisation as my house is always a mess. We couldn’t have anyone over as it is so bad. We are waiting to get an extension, this will help as the house is very small. We only have our youngest son at home now. I have terrible time management and must admit I am a little lazy. I love baking, cooking, crafts, knitting anything to do with the home. I am really looking forward to starting the course. Hopefully Jenny Nicholas and I are going to help each other. smile emoticon