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I’ve become convinced that “Confident Conversations with Homemakers Podcast” was the most fitting name I could have come up with. As I went through the editing process for this week’s podcast, I kept thinking, “This truly is a conversation.” Not just an interview and so much more than a simple Q and A.

My guest this week is Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife. If you follow Lori for encouragement, you’ve probably already skipped past this intro and are several minutes into the episode. If you haven’t heard of her before, you will be blessed again this week, assuming you’re the kind of girl that appreciates truth and gleaning from older women. 😉

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Remember, the word “confident” is defined as having a strong belief or full assurance. Do you believe you were called to love your husband? Called to serve from within your home? That is from the LORD who called you and it is He that is our confidence and assurance.

Today’s Podcast

Again, you’re listening to a conversation between me and Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife.

Pour another cup of coffee or tea and be encouraged for the next 30 minutes. The resources mentioned in this podcast can be found below.

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This podcast covers:

  • Joyfully serving as a homemaker after children grow and move out
  • Nurturing your marriage
  • Older, wiser women mentoring younger women
  • Responding to a husband’s critical attitude
  • Better ways than date nights to nurture your marriage
  • Homemaking for wives with no children

Who may be most encouraged by this podcast:

  • Wives, especially those under 40
  • Christian homemakers of all ages
  • Christian women over 50
  • Those struggling in their marriage

Resources Mentioned

You can find Lori’s blog, The Transformed Wife HERE

The Transformed Wife book. I purchased the Kindle edition of this book and have read 80% so far. The negative reviews on Amazon are unfounded and often complete lies about what Lori has actually written. Her advice is Biblical, yet not at all popular.

Paperback book: Kindle ebook:

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