Hospitality & an Inviting Home for Family & Friends with Meg Dickey-Podcast CCWH-003/004

Hospitality is an aspect of Christian living, and one that is not to be neglected. It’s included in the list of must-haves of 1 Timothy 5:10 and Romans 12:13 tells us to “contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.” While we know it’s true, it can still feel difficult. If you’re saying “Amen” to all of that, this podcast is for you.

You’ll find parts both 1 and 2 on this page. Part 2 still follows the Q and A format, but turned into more of an edifying conversation. You’ll delight in listening in on more solid, Biblical advice and appreciate again my guest’s no-nonsense approach.


Today’s Podcast

Today my guest is Meg Dickey, wife, mother and full-time homemaker. You’ll appreciate Meg’s straight forward approach to sharing truth about hospitality and creating an inviting home. This podcast is packed full of encouragement and good advice.

Pour another cup of coffee or tea and be encouraged for the next 30 minutes. All the resources mentioned in this podcast can be found below, aaand… please do leave a (5 star 😉 ) rating on iTunes, I hear that is how other homemakers will find this podcast.

Part 1 covers:

  • Ways to make your home visually orderly, put together and inviting
  • How to prepare for guests
  • Fellowship and hospitality, especially on short notice
  • What every Christian homemaker’s perspective should be towards company
  • Why chaos leads to diminished opportunities for hospitality
  • How to make meal time inviting and special, for family and guests
  • Getting the right mindset on the “inconvenience” of guests
  • and more!

    Who may be most encouraged by this podcast:

  • Christian women
  • Moms with many children



Part 2 covers:

  • How to get daily chores under control
  • Representing Christ well in your home
  • Unexpected guests
  • Decorating to bless your husband
  • Sitting and enjoying company with a type-A personality
  • Including children when you have guests
  • and more!


Resources Mentioned

We mention the Homemaking DVDs in the last episode and you can find those here: Homemaking 101 & 201

101 201