Organized Daily Living as a Homemaker & Homeschool Mom with Amy Roberts CCWH-002

Did you know that the word “confident” is defined as having a strong belief or full assurance? Do you believe you were called to be a homemaker? Do you have full assurance in that calling? Even if you feel unskilled or feel that you fail often… the LORD still called you and that is our confidence and assurance. Not in our abilities, but in His strength and in His calling

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Today you are listening to a conversation between me and Amy Roberts of Raising Arrows. You’ll enjoy and appreciate Amy’s friendly and down-to-earth personality. As my first podcast guest, she made it easy and I really did feel as though I was talking to an old friend!

Pour another cup of coffee or tea and be encouraged for the next 30 minutes. All the resources mentioned in this podcast can be found below, aaand… please do leave a (5 star 😉 ) rating on iTunes, I hear that is how other homemakers will find this podcast.

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You can find Amy’s blog Raising Arrows here.

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